Johnny Barnes

    Few vendors, very few, bring to the task the level of professionalism, boundless energy and dogged determination that typifies the work of Vico Rock Media. In every task we have happily put before them — and there have been many — Vico Rock Media has been a true partner and a welcome sage.  It is exceptionally well qualified in its product offerings. Moreover, Vico Rock Media has a network of other talented vendors with whom it works when special skills are required.  They do what they say they are going to do, often better; when they say they are going to do it, often sooner; and at a fair price, often more competitive than most.  Vico Rock Media has made a permanent imprint with us, left a landscape of good will and made a notable difference in our Goals and Mission. Few are at its level, very few.

    Johnny BarnesFormer Executive Director, ACLU-NCA, and FounderLiving with the Law

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